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Alley Cat Vernazza

This image was photographed during the Vernazza 2009 Photographic Workshop. During the early morning and late afternoons we will explore some of the small alleys in the Villages of the Cinque Terre. Nik Software Viveza® 2 was used to process this image.

Alley Cat, Vernazza

Orchid Festival Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Nik Software was used to process the images withViveza 2 and Sharpen Pro 3.0. after opened up from Photoshop CS4 with no other processing.

I stopped by Matthaei Botanical Gardens for the Spring Orchid Festival and was able to capture these images hand holding my camera. During the Festival no tripods are allowed! By opening up the Aperture to F 5.6 and setting the ISO to 1600 I had enough depth of field for these images.

Photoshop CS4 Raw Processing

Nix Software VIVEZA® 2 and Sharpener Pro™ 3.0

Photoshop CS4 Raw Processing

Nix Software VIVEZA® 2 and Sharpener Pro™ 3.0

Spring Photographs in Charleston 2010

While I have found Photoshop CS 4 to be the best digital darkroom tool I have ever used, Nik Software has the most amazing tools that allow me to accomplish sophisticated masking techniques with just the touch of a button.    

Every few years I stop in Charleston on my drive home after the Southern Art Fair circuit. Springtime is Charleston is always magical and I will be scheduling an early April workshop for next year. This image was photographed at Magnolia Plantation one of the Great Southern Plantations.

The soft morning light hitting the explosion of Azaleas mixed in with the old farm fencing makes for wonderful photographic compositions.

The Old Battery Park neighborhood of Old Charleston has some of our most beautiful early American homes.  The old neighborhoods and gardens offer some of the best photographic opportunities in the south.

After running this image through some very basic raw processing I used Vevesa 2 to bring out the contrast and color saturation.

The gated gardens in the Battery Park section of Old Charleston are some of the most charming gardens I have ever seen.

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