Firenze and Tuscany Photographic Workshop Tour Oct 2011

Firenze and Tuscany  Oct 18-23 2011 
$750.00, Limited to 8 Students

Airfare and Hotel not included in workshop price. Approximate cost, based on double occupancy, starting at $1,800.Contact us for Hotel & Airfare. If you love photography, the romance of Italy, this is the trip for you. You’ll be inspired by the rich history, the colorful palette of Firenze and Tuscany! Be uplifted by the company of photographers who share your passion in photography. In this workshop we will capture landscape images that excite and move, images that trace where the mind has been and form a unique vision that will lasta lifetime. This workshop is about applying new skills learned daily and sharing our collective knowledge to take that next step in a supportive environment. We hold a deep passion for the places we travel to, and will help you explore how to create the images that continue to inspire. What takes time to create,time respects, and good images don’t just happen. Most often, our best images lie just beyond our greatest failures. We believe through photography and an open mind the best is yet to come.

Tuscan Italy Photography Workshop
Tuscan Photo Workshop

Paul James is a published, award winning photographer from Southeastern Michigan who offers the best in personalized photographic instruction on every level; whether you’re just beginning or a seasoned veteran. Paul takes great pride in his work, and this translates to some great teaching techniques. He has vast experience in both the artistic and technical aspects of photography; he is adept in Digital, Medium and Large format Cameras, which includes a large range of camera brands and models. He welcomes photographers of all skill levels and formats; however, this class will be geared for the digital photographer.

• Learn tips and tricks used by the professionals to create  impressive   photographs. 
• Discover new viewpoints, interesting details which might be overlooked, see the world photographically.
  • Learn to sense the direction of light and how to capture the magic moment.
  • Improve your photographic technique.
  • Learn your camera and how to get the most out of it.
  • Have fun!
  Day One-Arrive Florence where we can go over equipment and Photo Shop  and Photograph a sunset overlooking Florence.

  Day Two–Three: Photograph at sunrise and sunset and when the light is right.Enjoy the Museums and Churches and Shopping.

  Day Four–Travel to a small village south of Firenze by car and photograph an evening shot.

  Day Five-Six: Photograph at sunrise and sunset and when the light is right.
         Enjoy the Vinyards and shopping throughout the day.

About europeanimages

Light is both the photographer's palette and brush. Harnessing available light is a skill learned through the study of technical theory and then applying it in the field. My goal as a photographer is to search out the images that interest me artistically, then once I have found the essence of that place I use composition and light to enhance the images. View all posts by europeanimages

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