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Sunset on the Ashley River

The Spring Charleston photographic workshop has ended after our morning shoot on the 9th of April. We started our last morning shoot photographing Rainbow Row, in the historic Battery Park section of Charleston. As the light shifted we zigzagged our way through the narrow streets capturing a few last images before the morning light was gone. After the soft morning light had gone we walked down to White Point Gardens and enjoyed the walk up Meeting St. enjoying each others company and taking a few last images along the way. When we arrived at Meeting St. and Broad St. we found a breakfast spot to have coffee, tea and a chocolate muffin while we spent a little time going over the locations we had enjoyed together before saying our goodbye’s.

We enjoyed good weather and shooting conditions through most of the trip and we were able to capture some extraordinary images. After everyone experienced photographing on a cloudy morning where we have extended shooting time before the morning sun oversaturated the colors they started to understand the concept of soft light.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,

but by the moments that take our breath away”

One of the sunsets we were able to capture was truly exceptional

  It started out with a subtle beauty that often happens at sunset

Subtle Sunset on the Ashley River Charleston, South Carolina

The reflections in the Water were amazing to watch as the day changed into night

Reflections on the Ashley River

Reflections on the Ashley River

 This sunset over the Ashley River was truly one of those moments for me
       That Took My Breath Away
Moments that take your breath away - Last Light, Ashley River

Moments that take your breath away - Last Light, Ashley River

 I want to thank everyone in the group for their Friendship and the experiences we

shared in Charleston

Charleston Photographic Workshop April 2011


I arrived in Charleston early to start Scouting locations and capturing images. Charleston is one of those cities that take my breath away, from the historic downtown to the magnificent plantations and gardens.

So far the weather has cooperated and I have captured a wonderful collection of new images. Tomorrow I will start working with clients and taking them to locations I have enjoyed for the last decade.

Resting Place-Charleston
Resting Place-Charleston

The Battery Park area is one of the oldest residential areas in America, lined with beautiful historic Homes, Churches and Cemeteries. Many of our Founding Fathers lived and were buried here. 

#10 Meeting Street

#10 Meeting Street


The combination of textures from the Wrought Iron gates and Concrete and Stucco Walls are a great combination for Artistic Photographic Images.

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