Happy Holidays 2012

Madonalla near the Compo di Fiore In Rome

Madonna watching over the streets of Rome

Madonalla’s have been protecting the residents of Roma since the Middle ages. When I am walking the neighborhoods before sunrise on my way to a the early mornings location shoot or on my way to dinner after the last light of the day and see a Madonalla I feel protected. TodayRomeis one of the safest cities to walk but it is ancient and walking cobblestone streets that Saint Peter walked 2000 years ago makes the mind wonder to times when there were barbarians around the corner.  Seeing a Madonalla gives me a inner feeling that I am safe and being looked after while I am under her watchful eye.

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Light is both the photographer's palette and brush. Harnessing available light is a skill learned through the study of technical theory and then applying it in the field. My goal as a photographer is to search out the images that interest me artistically, then once I have found the essence of that place I use composition and light to enhance the images. View all posts by europeanimages

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