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Charleston Magnolia Plantation 2012 Photo contest winners

Charleston comes into bloom in late March and early April each year. During the winter I display at several art fairs in Florida and Alabama and on my way home I spend time shooting and teaching a Photographic Workshop. The old sections of Charleston and the surrounding plantations come alive in the spring and the images that can be captured are amazing.   

This year in the Spring Magnolia Photo contest Linda Smith and I both won honorable mentions with images we captured.

Linda S. Smith, Galena, Ohio, “Magnolias Majesty”

Linda S. Smith, Galena, Ohio, "Magnolias Majesty"

Peacock – South Carolina

Paul James, Chelsea, Mich., “Follow the Light”

"Follow the Light"

“Follow the Light”

This link will take you to images of the 2012 award winners.

Magnolia Plantation created a very nice video of all the award winners.

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