Oriental Cherry Tree with Spanish Moss – Spring Charleston Photographic Workshop

While out scouting for images this morning I found a white Oriental Cherry tree with Spanish moss hanging form its braches. The backdrop was a combination of red and purple azaleas which had an elegant look I try to find in the gardens and villages while I am out capturing images.

Cherry and Azelia blossems

Cherry and Azelia blossems

This image was processed using Photoshop CS6 and Film Effects and Tonal Contrast in Nik software Color Efex Pro

The Charleston Workshop starts tomorrow and the flowers are looking great. It was 37 degrees Fahrenheit again this morning when I was out shooting but weather.com tells me that it will be in the 50’s for the first morning shoot with the clients which will make it a little more pleasant for everyone and speed up the blooms. This weekend the gardens of Charleston will be at their prime and I am excited to work with everyone.

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Light is both the photographer's palette and brush. Harnessing available light is a skill learned through the study of technical theory and then applying it in the field. My goal as a photographer is to search out the images that interest me artistically, then once I have found the essence of that place I use composition and light to enhance the images. View all posts by europeanimages

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