Live Oaks and Azaleas – Charleston, South Carolina

My families roots are in the South and when I think of my vacations visiting the Carolinas I think of surreal Live Oaks that I used to climb as a child. In the early spring mornings when I am out photographing these beautiful trees dripping with Spanish Moss and accented with colorful azaleas I feel as though I could be in a different time.

These wonderful trees have an fairy tail look to them. They grow along the Atlantic coast from southeast Virginia to Florida and west to the gulf coast of Texas and Louisiana and are part of southern charm.   

Live Oak – Charleston, South Carolina

Live Oak – Charleston, South Carolina

I processed this image of this live oak using Photoshop CS6 and Film Efex Modern in Nik software Color Efex Pro

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Light is both the photographer's palette and brush. Harnessing available light is a skill learned through the study of technical theory and then applying it in the field. My goal as a photographer is to search out the images that interest me artistically, then once I have found the essence of that place I use composition and light to enhance the images. View all posts by europeanimages

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