Fire Canyon Arch- Southwest Photo Workshop Nov 8 – 14

Fire Canyon Arch is in the Valley of fire park where we will spend some time photographing during the Southwest Photo Workshop this November. Fire Canyon Arch is a wonderful sandstone formation where iron deposits which left brushstrokes of red painted into the earth. The winter light is better for capturing images in the Southwest and I captured this image a little before sunset last January. Nature has a her way of inspiring photographers. When I look at this arch I see the head of an elephant and the body of a lion.

Fire Canyon Arch, Valley of Fire

Fire Canyon Arch, Valley of Fire

I processed this image using Topaz Adjust 5. I first used Vibrant Crisp then I used Setting Sun Dynamic and the finished the image with a Vignette in Lens Effect and enjoyed layering the effects.  Topaz Adjust 5  has  a great set of programs.

Fire Canyon Arch unprocessed

Fire Canyon Arch unprocessed

I am off too an art fair at Crocker Park in Westlake Ohio this weekend but have next weekend off and wanted to start creating screen capture videos using the Topaz software next week. I just purchased a new Samsung computer with the third generation i7 third generation processor with state of the art video graphics that will help with my workflow. All the new software was making the processing on my older computer  a little slow. It is hard to believe that just a few years ago I was waving  cardboard wands that I made from cardboard discs and were taped to metal rods I had snipped  off coat hangers to burn and dodge the images in the darkroom. All of my friends would spend  hours making our special tools to make our images pop.

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3 responses to “Fire Canyon Arch- Southwest Photo Workshop Nov 8 – 14

  • susan2000

    Looks like a neat place.. and I see the elephant and lion too!

  • Steve Johnson

    That’s a great shot Paul. The Southwest Workshop looks fantastic and theTopaz Labs soft ware sounds interesting too. Glad to know you got the new computer. Hope your summer is getting off to a good start.

    • europeanimages

      Steve, I am looking fwd to a couple of weeks in the parks out west, especially catching the Cottonwoods in Zion when they have some fall color. It is always fun to get new equipment. The summer is going to go fast and pretty soon it will be time to set up in Louisville.

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