Morning Storm, Venice Lagoon, San Marco

Over the last couple of years the changes in the software for photography have made it an interesting time. This morning I revisited one of the morning images I captured in San Marco during a storm while teaching there and I am very excited on how it turned out. I would have been a completely acceptable darkroom image but by using Topaz software and a little healing and cloning in Photoshop I was able to make this image pop. When I look at this processed image I can feel the moisture on my face and the freshness of the salty breeze coming in from the lagoon.

Morning Storm, San Marco

Morning Storm, San Marco

Topaz Software

This October I plan on arriving in Venice a couple of days before the private workshop I am teaching there. It will be nice spending four or five days shooting in Venice in October before heading towards Lucca to start teach my scheduled workshops.

Morning Storm, San Marco, unprocessed image

Morning Storm, San Marco, unprocessed image

This is one of the rare weekends that I have off from the Art Fairs and teaching and it has been good catching up on odds and ends. Tonight a little after 6:00 pm I pick up my Uncle Jack at the train station in Ann Arbor and tomorrow morning at 12:30 am I retrieve my brother Robert from the airport and when everyone is rested and ready we descend on my sister to pester and help her get ready for my nephews High School Graduation party on Saturday.

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4 responses to “Morning Storm, Venice Lagoon, San Marco

  • wsjohnson44

    Great job on the Morning Storm photo Paul. I think I should look into your Topaz software and learn what it can do. I’m making some progress with Lightroom 4, slowly. Say hello to your Brother for me, I enjoyed visiting with him in South Carolina. Steve

  • laurie marrocco

    yes, amazing photo Paul. Thanks for posting it.

    • europeanimages

      Steve, I have just started learning the fine points of Lightroom and with all the programs it is practice that makes the learning practice stick. I do think that I am going to switch over for training purposes. Is seems that the Photoshop CS programs are switching to the Cloud and that may be more aggravation than I want to deal with. Topaz is a great program and I would seriously give it a look. I will tell Robert hello for you. Paul

    • europeanimages

      Thanks Laurie, it would be nice if we could sit in San Marco and have a Cappuccino and a little visiting time. Ciao Paul

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