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Smoky Mountain Fall

I arrived home late last night from teaching the Fall Smoky Mountain workshop. It is hard for me to return home when i’m capturing great images and  having a great time and I Probably would have stayed a couple of extra days but my niece is getting married tomorrow to a great guy and it is time for family and friends.

Fall Colors - Smoky Mountains

Fall Colors – Smoky Mountains


Fall colors in the Smokies

I received an update on the colors in the Smoky Mountains from my friend and fellow photographer George Hamzik that the colors along the rivers are looking great.

I am excited to drive down tomorrow and start shooting along the streams and valleys.

Fall in the Smoky Mountains

Fall in the Smoky Mountains

Val d’Orcia, Tuscany

This morning I spent some time with Deborah Bondar going over Lightroom’s workflow, processing this image she captured in the Val d’Orcia. Lightroom is a great program where you can take a raw image off your card and in less than 10 minutes you can turn it into a wall hanger.

From June 18 – June 23 2016 I will be teaching a workshop in the Val d’Orcia when the wheat field will be golden in the early morning and late afternoon light.

This is an amazing location where we can capture images and drink in the Tuscan lifestyle. We will be spending three night at an old Roman bath in the middle of the Val d’Orcia. Hope you can join me!

Val d'Orcia - Tuscany Italy

Val d’Orcia – Tuscany Italy – processed in Lightroom

Val d'Orcia - Tuscany Italy - uprocessed

Val d’Orcia – Tuscany Italy – uprocessed


Southwest Workshop – New Moon

When I have been out west shooting in the past, I have always focused on the first light and the last light of the day. For me, the magic has always happened at sunrise and sunsets. This November’s workshop will be a little different, I am going to be out shooting in Dark Sky areas during a new moon. This means that the skies will be darker and the stars will be brighter and I can pick shooting times when the Milky Way will be visible in the sky without any natural or manmade light pollution. Shooting in a dark sky area with a new moon will be a treat for this seasoned photographer.

I captured this image in Death Valley while camping with my friend Craig Osterloh.

Sands of Time- Death Valley

Orion the Hunter – Death Valley

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Mount LeConte-Great Smoky Mountains

This Friday I will be heading to the  Great Smoky Mountains for a couple of shooting days before the fall color workshop begins. It will be great visiting some of my favorite locations and checking out a few new shooting spots.

Mount LeConte-Great Smoky Mountains

Mount LeConte-Great Smoky Mountains

I captured this image on a wet overcast day which helped to give me great saturated color. I enjoy a shooting on a beautiful sunny day and can capture great images but when it is raining I think ‘Let it Rain’ and Eric Clapton’s melodies start playing in my head. These are usually my best shooting days!

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Southwest Jack O’ Lantern-Valley of Fire

The Southwest workshop is only a few weeks away and I have been going over images getting ready for the shoot. On this fall day I hope everyone is out enjoying corn fields turned into mazes and spending time in the apple orchards.  One of my favorite fall activities has been to find the perfect pumkin to carve my Jack O’ Lantern and with Halloween just around the corner this image popped out at me.

Southwest Jack O' Lantern-Valley of Fire

Southwest Jack O’ Lantern-Valley of Fire

The Southwest doesn’t have corn fields and apple orchards but it does have some of the best Jack O’ Lanterns formed by a millennium of wind and rain.

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Saint James Court Art Show

I am looking forward to Saint James Court Art show this weekend! This will be my last outdoor art fair of the season. After the show I will have a little more time to work with images, as well as get the house and yard ready for winter. Soon I will be heading out to spend time capturing fall colors in the Smoky Mountains and Zion National Park along the Virgin River. The Show season goes fast and I will miss seeing everyone. Thank You All for making it another wonderful year at the shows!

Cottonwoods along the Virgin River

Cottonwoods along the Virgin River


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