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Shake off the Winter Blues!! Plan a Tuscan photo workshop May 4-8 2015

For me January is a cold month in Michigan but it is also one of the only times in the year where I have time to work on Images for the Art Fairs and plan the location workshops which helps keep away the winter blues. This is the image I have as a screen saver that helps keeps my spirits high. It is not one that I took myself yet, it is an image from an apartment that I will be staying in with clients while teaching the Tuscan workshop May 4-8 2015 It might just be the thing to shake off those mid winter blues.

Apartment we will be staying at for the Tuscan workshop

Apartment we will be staying at for the Tuscan workshop

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Charleston’s Spring Photo Workshop

This morning Charlie W and I worked on a early morning reflection image he captured during last spring’s workshop in Charleston. Charlie’s composition and exposure were great and we only needed to spend a few minutes working in Lightroom 5.7 to make the image sing.

Live Oaks Charleston processed in Lightroom

Live Oaks Charleston processed in Lightroom

On this cold winter night I am looking forward to capturing images and working with clients in late March and early April when Charleston’s spring colors explode.

Live Oaks Charleston unprocessed

Live Oaks Charleston unprocessed

Feature Artist Interview for the Ann Arbor Summerfair 2013

I was interviewed as a featured artist for the Ann Arbor Summer Fair by Dana Denha of Community Television Network CTN 19

Venetian Canal  Captured during a location Workshop

Venetian Canal Captured during a location Workshop

This Venice Canal image was used in the background for the interview.

2013 Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair

Booth # 198 Main, in front of Real Sea Food

July 17-20, 2013 Wednesday – Friday, 10 am – 9 pm Saturday, 10 am – 6pm

July is always the busiest month of the year for me. After participating in the Royal Oak Art Fair last weekend I set up and start organizing for the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair  two days later on Tuesday morning. It is the largest and most popular Art Fair in the country and I hope everyone is able to join me in Ann Arbor for the fair.

It seems like only a few years ago that I started displaying my work and selling at the local Art Fairs in Michigan and I would talk and dream with other newbie’s about participating in the coveted Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair.

This will be my 14th year displaying at the show and my 7th year on the Board of Directors for the Summer Art Fair.  It has been a busy running a business especially selling in different Cities in different States each weekend. Friends who have jobs where they go to at the same location every day often wonder how I keep up the pace and often ask isn’t a little lonely on the road and I tell them my social life is on the road. When I am at the Saint James Court Art Fair in Louisville on Friday night I usually have dinner with friends who have taken my workshop in the Cinque Terre and Rome and then on Saturday night there is the artist party where I catch up with everyone including my friend Margie who lives in Chelsea and her boyfriend Logan from Greenville, North Carolina.  They are both amazing friends and talented jewelers and the only time we have to socialize is when we are out on the circuit.

The more you venture the more enjoyable and smaller the world becomes and the more connected we all are.

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