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Window Boxes and Crape Myrtle – Charleston Photographic Workshop

When I am out capturing images I always look for something that stands out something that sets it the image apart. Last year at sunrise we caught the first rays of morning light casting shadows across these three wonderful flowerboxes. The composition of these three well planted flower boxes with the Crape Merle drawing your eye through to image and then the strong light casting shadows of the ivy leading you out of the image. The Wrought Iron casting the straight lines and swirls on the top center of the image was a gift.

Window Boxes and Crape Myrtle – Charleston Photographic Workshop

Window Boxes and Crape Myrtle – Charleston Photographic Workshop

During the Charleston workshops we spend time in the Battery Park area famous for its stately antebellum homes. Named for a civil-war coastal defense artillery battery at the site, it stretches along the lower shores of the Charleston peninsula, bordered by the Ashley and Cooper Rivers, which meet here to form Charleston harbor.

Land was a premium in the Battery Park area. The wealthy could afford small gardens but most of the homes used every inch of land and built up to the sidewalk. These homes often have the wonderful window boxes. Each spring I look forward to seeing what the owners of this historic home will be planting in this set of three window boxes.

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