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Angle Oak – Charleston Photo Workshop

In five weeks I will be in Charleston teaching and enjoying a little southern hospitality. Charleston is one of our oldest cities and perhaps and most historic city in the United States. With all of Charleston’s rich history one of my favorite locations to capture an image is at Angel Oak. This wonderful Live Oak is the oldest living thing east of the Mississippi and every time I capture an image of it I am amazed at by its grandeur. Nature always Trumps anything man can build.

Angel Oak - Charleston

Angel Oak – Charleston

Call for Reservations – Venice Italy

The dome silver metal pay phone on the left side of the arch is one of the icons that says this is Venice!

Yesterday was Valentine’s day and if you called late some of you were not able to make a reservation for their favorite restaurant. If anyone is in the doghouse for this a perfect way to bring back the romance would be to reserve the last two spots for the Charleston workshop March 30 – April 3. Springtime in Charleston is Amazing!!

Call for Reservations - Venice Italy

Call for Reservations – Venice Italy

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Wisteria Cluster – Charleston Photographic Workshop

Every spring I look forward to teaching a workshop and capturing images in Charleston. With each visit I find something new something that I had not seen before. Sometimes it is one flower or part of a Wisteria vine that may not have been there before or had not been in bloom when I had past it by. Often it is the light and the way it interacts with the environment that makes the difference. I had past by this Wisteria vine dozens of time over the 20 years that I have visited Charleston and last year was the first time that I caught it in bloom. I revisited this location 5 or 6 times over a period of three days taking images and this one exposure captured it better than any of my other attempts.

It was early enough that the soft morning light before sunrise lit up the background without washing it out  and there was no wind moving the delicate petals during the half second exposure. I set my f-stop was set at F/4 to bring the wisteria cluster into focus and leave the background a soft blur.

Wisteria Cluster - Charleston

Wisteria Cluster – Charleston

After opening this image in Photoshop CS6 I used Film Effects in Color Efex Pro to give it the look of an image captured on film.

Charleston Magnolia Plantation 2012 Photo contest winners

Charleston comes into bloom in late March and early April each year. During the winter I display at several art fairs in Florida and Alabama and on my way home I spend time shooting and teaching a Photographic Workshop. The old sections of Charleston and the surrounding plantations come alive in the spring and the images that can be captured are amazing.   

This year in the Spring Magnolia Photo contest Linda Smith and I both won honorable mentions with images we captured.

Linda S. Smith, Galena, Ohio, “Magnolias Majesty”

Linda S. Smith, Galena, Ohio, "Magnolias Majesty"

Peacock – South Carolina

Paul James, Chelsea, Mich., “Follow the Light”

"Follow the Light"

“Follow the Light”

This link will take you to images of the 2012 award winners.

Magnolia Plantation created a very nice video of all the award winners.

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