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Charleston Photographic Workshop Tour 2-6 April , 2017

On this cold snowy morning in Michigan I have Charleston and its world famous gardens on my mind.

Charleston Spring Reflection 24x60

Charleston Spring Reflection 24×60

In early April Charleston turns into a photographer’s paradise. The formal gardens on the plantations and the gated gardens in the Battery are in there spring bloom and all of Charleston has splashes of color everywhere.
Last night using Lightroom and Topaz software I transformed three images from 2012 into this colorful panoramic. I used Topaz software to bring out the colors and contrast from the RAW images and then used Lightroom to do it’s magic stitching the images into this 24×60 pano.

All RAW images have to be worked on to give you the colors that was there when you captured the image. This is one of the RAW images used to make the pano in Lightroom and then transformed using Topaz software.

Charleston garden RAW Image

Charleston garden RAW Image

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Charleston Photographic Workshop Tour April 2 – April 6, 2017

Charleston Church Steeples – April 3 – April 7, 2016

This beautiful city is known as the “Holy City” because of the abundance of churches on the city skyline. As they approached Charleston from the sea, the colonial sailors could see 20 church steeples. Charleston boasts over 400 places of worship of many different denominations throughout the city, religion is deeply embedded in this city’s rich culture.

This Steepled church in the historic Battery Park section of Charleston is one of my favorite to take clients to during the blue light hour.

Charleston Steeple - Battery Park

Charleston Steeple – Battery Park

Charleston Photographic Workshop Tour
April 3 – April 7, 2016
$695/ Limited to 8 Students

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A Photographers View of Charleston – eBook

I have finished an eBook of images from Charleston using the Topaz Labs software. I am using it as a promotional giveaway to help promote Topaz software and my workshops and would be grateful if you share it with your friends.

To download “A Photographer’s View of Charleston” click on the link below
A Photographers View of Charleston

A Photographers View of Charleston

Charleston is an American treasure, rich in our early history. This beautiful city shows visitors what southern charm and grace were like in the colonies. When you photograph the streets around Battery Park, you capture images of homes and churches that were built before the signing on the Declaration of Independence. Stroll through my collection of favorite images in this eBook.

Topaz Labs software plug-ins for Photoshop and Lightroom were used to give my images the finishing touches that make them sing and make you will feel like you are there.

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Charleston spring location workshop March 29 – April 2

On cold winter nights like this I find my thoughts wandering to the warm shooting locations that I have planned for this spring. In late March and early April Charleston emerges from its winter sleep and explodes in vibrant color. Hope you are able to join me Charleston for early an early spring location shoot in some of Americas best gardens.

Southern Charm - Charleston Spring

Southern Charm – Charleston Spring

In lightroom 5.7 I used the Develop module to for a few basic adjustments and then exported Southern Charm into Topaz Clarity to make this image pop.

Southern Charm - Charleston Spring - Raw adj. in lightroom

Southern Charm – Charleston Spring – Raw adj. in lightroom

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Antelope Slot Canyon – Southwest Photo Workshop

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with JBrad Lewis on a few of the images he captured during my Novembers Southwest workshop. We used Adobe Lightroom developed module to process his image. Lightroom has a fantastic develop module and its cataloging system to organize my workflow is amazing and over the last year it has become my starting point for working on images. Lightroom’s lets you work with a thumbnail of your images instead of the full image storing metadata of the changes and making my workflow lighting fast. When I work with my images in CS6 program the larger files slow me down. Not having to wait for files to open saves me time to go out and do a little more shooting.

Antelope Canyon - Southwest Workshop

Antelope Canyon – Southwest Workshop

The unprocessed image looks good out of the camera but a few Lightroom adjustments makes it a award winning image.

Antelope Canyon Raw unprocessed image

Antelope Canyon Raw unprocessed image

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Charleston’s Spring Photo Workshop

This morning Charlie W and I worked on a early morning reflection image he captured during last spring’s workshop in Charleston. Charlie’s composition and exposure were great and we only needed to spend a few minutes working in Lightroom 5.7 to make the image sing.

Live Oaks Charleston processed in Lightroom

Live Oaks Charleston processed in Lightroom

On this cold winter night I am looking forward to capturing images and working with clients in late March and early April when Charleston’s spring colors explode.

Live Oaks Charleston unprocessed

Live Oaks Charleston unprocessed

Botany Bay – Boneyard Beach Workshop April 2-3 2015

Botany Bay_Boneyard South Carolina

Botany Bay_Boneyard South Carolina

Next spring On April 2-3 2015 I am going to be giving a 1 day workshop at Botany Bay also known as the Boneyard just South of Charleston, South Carolina. This will immediately follow the Charleston Spring workshop March 29th through April 2nd 2015. The Bone Yard which is over an hour drive from where we stay in Charleston is too far to drive back and forth for either a sunrise or sunset location shoot.  Several clients have been asking to spend time in the Bone Yard and I have decided to schedule a one day class immediately following the Charleston workshop to enjoy this rugged stretch on National Seashore on Edisto Island.

Botany Bay_Boneyard South Carolina

Botany Bay_Boneyard South Carolina

Bonaventure Cemetery Captured by Elizabeth

After leaving the Charleston workshop Elizabeth spent some time in Savanna honing the skills that she had learned during the workshop to capture this image at the Bonaventure Cemetery. She used Topaz B&W effects 2 to turn this image into a black and white and then used the masking in the software to bring back the color into the Azalea bushes. 

Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery

It is great to see clients taking their photography to the next level and creating wonderful works of art.

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Morning Reflections – Charleston

One of the best parts about teaching is seeing the enthusiasm the students have especially when they are capturing great images. This images from the morning shoot at the Audubon Swamp during the Charleston workshop was captured by Elizabeth. Still morning reflections have always been one of my favorites and it was fun to see everyone capturing great images.

Swamp Tree-Charleston

Swamp Tree-Charleston

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