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Charleston Photographic Workshop Tour 2-6 April , 2017

On this cold snowy morning in Michigan I have Charleston and its world famous gardens on my mind.

Charleston Spring Reflection 24x60

Charleston Spring Reflection 24×60

In early April Charleston turns into a photographer’s paradise. The formal gardens on the plantations and the gated gardens in the Battery are in there spring bloom and all of Charleston has splashes of color everywhere.
Last night using Lightroom and Topaz software I transformed three images from 2012 into this colorful panoramic. I used Topaz software to bring out the colors and contrast from the RAW images and then used Lightroom to do it’s magic stitching the images into this 24×60 pano.

All RAW images have to be worked on to give you the colors that was there when you captured the image. This is one of the RAW images used to make the pano in Lightroom and then transformed using Topaz software.

Charleston garden RAW Image

Charleston garden RAW Image

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Charleston Photographic Workshop Tour April 2 – April 6, 2017

Evening’s Stillness – Charleston, SC

When talking with clients at the art fairs I am asked what time of day do I usually capture my images. Early mornings and evening’s are usually the best shooting conditions which surprised most people.

Ambient light is softer at sunrise and sunset and gives me a more consistent exposure through the whole image than images shot when the sun is higher. There is usually stillness in the airs movement and everything stops moving. The leaves and flowers stop fluttering and Lakes Rivers and ponds can become mirrors. This is my favorite time of each day and when I usually capture my best images.

This mirrored lake in Charleston is perfectly still at sunset and gave me this beautiful mirror image. It was a great way to start the Charleston workshop this year.

Evenings Stillness - processed using lightroom and Topaz Labs Clarity

Evening’s Stillness – processed using lightroom and Topaz Labs Clarity

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Charleston Hidden Garden

It was a chilly morning but we were able to capture a some great images in the Battery Park area Charleston. The booms are coming along nicely and should be at their peak in a day or two.

Charlestons Hidden Gardens

Charleston’s Hidden Gardens

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