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Charleston Churches-Charleston Photographic Workshop

The churches in and around Charlestons  are some of the oldest in our country and the photographic opportunities are amazing. I found the ruins of this old church during my last visit to Charleston and am looking forward to spend more time photographing the grounds during next springs photographic location workshop.

Sheldon Church processed using Nik HDR efex pro 2

Sheldon Church processed using Nik HDR efex pro 2

 To process this image I used the Deep 1 preset in Nik software HDR Efex Pro 2

Sheldon Church processed using Nik HDR efex pro 2

Sheldon Church processed using Nik HDR efex pro 2

All images need a little post processing. If an image is exposed properly it can be turned into a great image you can hang on your wall in a few minutes. This is the unprocessed raw CR2 file that took me 10 minutes to process.

Canon Raw CR2 file

Canon Raw CR2 file

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Angle Oak – Charleston Photo Workshop

In five weeks I will be in Charleston teaching and enjoying a little southern hospitality. Charleston is one of our oldest cities and perhaps and most historic city in the United States. With all of Charleston’s rich history one of my favorite locations to capture an image is at Angel Oak. This wonderful Live Oak is the oldest living thing east of the Mississippi and every time I capture an image of it I am amazed at by its grandeur. Nature always Trumps anything man can build.

Angel Oak - Charleston

Angel Oak – Charleston

A Great Image of Seagulls in flight

Sometimes it is knowing where to capture an image and sometimes an image is serendipitous and sometimes it is a combination of both. I have spent time at the beaches in Florida between art fairs and have been wanting to capture an image of a flock of seagulls on the beach but have not been able to capture the image that I have envisioned. Recently Steve  Johnson fellow photographer from Louisville who has taken one of my workshops  sent me the image of the Seagulls that I have been wanting to capture. Steve I have two questions 1st where did you capture this great image and 2nd what were your camera setting for this image?

Seagulls in Flight - W. Steve Johnson

Seagulls in Flight – W. Steve Johnson

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