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South Carolina’s Botany Bay – Topaz Star Effects Program

Along the South Carolina coast there are stretches of shore line where the ocean has reclaimed some of the land and the trees stand in the water like skeletons from our past. These skeletons will stand for a while against the forces of nature but will eventually be toppled over to be reclaimed by the winds and tides.

Topaz Labs Star Effects helped to give me this nice starburst of the sun as it peeked out from behind the tree. The Star Effects software also brought out the halo effect.

To capture the dynamic range of this image I took three images. I used a three images burst setting the exposures for +2 stops,0, and -2 stops. This allowed me to blend the 3 images in an HDR program which gave me detail in the shadows and highlights.

Botany Bay's Skeleton trees processed with Topaz Labs Star Effects

Botany Bay’s Skeleton trees processed with Topaz Labs Star Effects

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