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Charleston’s Gas Lights

Charleston is always a great place to capture images and soak up some of our country’s history.

Charleston's Gas Lights

Charleston’s Gas Lights brought into sharp focus by focus stacking two images

I have photographed the gas light in Charleston before, but this spring everything lined up and I produced a new favorite. It doesn’t matter how long you have been shooting, sometime a small change happens and you see things a little differently. That little difference gives you the image you have been wanting to capture. I have a favorite shooting spot a few steps away that I like to take clients to, and while I was there I finally saw this composition. The clients that I travel with often give me input which alters my perception of the environment and locations where I am shooting. The more I listen the better my images and composition have become.

Chuck and his wife Jenny joined me for the Spring 2016 Charleston workshop and they spent time looking at some of the local artist at the market and the gas light paintings and photographs of Charleston. Their enthusiasm for the wonderful gaslights brought my attention back to this composition.

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Charleston Church Steeples – April 3 – April 7, 2016

This beautiful city is known as the “Holy City” because of the abundance of churches on the city skyline. As they approached Charleston from the sea, the colonial sailors could see 20 church steeples. Charleston boasts over 400 places of worship of many different denominations throughout the city, religion is deeply embedded in this city’s rich culture.

This Steepled church in the historic Battery Park section of Charleston is one of my favorite to take clients to during the blue light hour.

Charleston Steeple - Battery Park

Charleston Steeple – Battery Park

Charleston Photographic Workshop Tour
April 3 – April 7, 2016
$695/ Limited to 8 Students

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Charleston’s Spring Photo Workshop

This morning Charlie W and I worked on a early morning reflection image he captured during last spring’s workshop in Charleston. Charlie’s composition and exposure were great and we only needed to spend a few minutes working in Lightroom 5.7 to make the image sing.

Live Oaks Charleston processed in Lightroom

Live Oaks Charleston processed in Lightroom

On this cold winter night I am looking forward to capturing images and working with clients in late March and early April when Charleston’s spring colors explode.

Live Oaks Charleston unprocessed

Live Oaks Charleston unprocessed

Charlestons Past

The Charleston workshop starts tomorrow and the dogwoods are blooming which makes it great for photography. This composition with new blooms and Spanish moss framing these old graves brought out deep feeling of peace when I was photographing this morning.

Charlestons Past

Charlestons Past

I used Topaz BW Effects 2 to process this image.

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Spring Azaleas in Charleston

The last few days I have been scouting out locations for the workshop that starts in three days and everything looks good for the spring bloom and the weather. The Azaleas in this reflection image look nice but in three days when the clients arrive it will be exploding with color.

Spring Reflections-Charleston

Spring Reflections-Charleston

Raw image often look great until you run them through a little post processing.

Raw unprocessed image

Raw unprocessed image

Dark Shadows- Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is one of my favorite places to teach and from late March through early April is a great time to catch the spring bloom. On the way in to Charleston last night I was able to check out a new location that friend suggested I photograph. The old Sheldon Church framed by live oaks and Spanish Moss has a haunting feel. I have been capturing images in Charleston for 20 years and there is always something new to photograph.

Sheldon Church, Charleston

Sheldon Church, Charleston

After capturing this image I used Photoshop to Clone and Heal the ramp and a few other distracting objects before turning it into a black and white in Topaz BW Effects 2 to create the shadows, highlights and great textures.

Sheldon Church-Raw Image

Sheldon Church-Raw Image

The raw unprocessed image give me a nice starting point.

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Angle Oak – Charleston Photo Workshop

In five weeks I will be in Charleston teaching and enjoying a little southern hospitality. Charleston is one of our oldest cities and perhaps and most historic city in the United States. With all of Charleston’s rich history one of my favorite locations to capture an image is at Angel Oak. This wonderful Live Oak is the oldest living thing east of the Mississippi and every time I capture an image of it I am amazed at by its grandeur. Nature always Trumps anything man can build.

Angel Oak - Charleston

Angel Oak – Charleston

The Flower Box of Battery Park, Charleston

The Stately antebellum homes in the Battery Park area provide some of my favorite subject matter to capture images in Charleston. Walking down the streets where our founding fathers lived and worked brings me a since of continuity with our nations past. When I am capturing images of these homes some of them Grand and some simple it takes me back to a time when England still ruled and the Declaration of Independence had not been written yet. 

Flower Box - Battery Park, Charleston

Flower Box – Battery Park, Charleston

The owners of these historic homes preserve them and help keep some of our early history intact. When I walk through and photograph these homes in the Battery with clients we are walking through and photographing some of the earliest history of our Nation. This simple window box has always been one of my favorite and I look forward to seeing how the owners will decorate it this spring

I made a few minor adjusted  in Photoshop before using Topaz Clarity to process this image which made this image pop.

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Holy City – Charleston, South Carolina

I processed this image using Topaz Simplify. The Simplify program can turn your image into an oil painting or give it a cartoon effect which if fun and creative. With this image I used the an oil painting and drawing combination at the programs minimal settings to enhance the image and bring out more detail in this nighttime exposure.

Charleston Church Processed using Topaz Simplify

Charleston Church Processed using Topaz Simplify

When the tall ships approached Charleston after a long voyage the first thing the sailors saw were the wonderful Church Steeples and coined it the Holy City. The Battery Park section of Charleston has changed little over the last two hundred years and when you are in Charleston harbor viewing the old city it is easy to imaging sailing ships approaching Colonial Charleston and looking forward to shore leave.

Charleston Church before using Topaz Simplify

Charleston Church before using Topaz Simplify

Fallen Live Oak – Charleston Photo Workshop

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