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Life is a dance – Great Egrets mating dance

Last week I spent time photographing birds and the photographic techniques necessary to capture them in flight. Fortunately I had spent some time years ago photographing children who move even faster than birds in flight. I captured a quite a few nice images but there were one or two that were different than the normal birding images and stood out from the others.

Life is a dance

Life is a dance

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Everyone’s Waiting – Seaside

Last weekend I displayed my work in Gulf Breeze, Florida and have time to take a few sunset images on the beaches in the Florida Panhandle. It is a great location to capture a few images the sands are sugar white and the waters are beautiful. This Florida beaches have less traffic than the southern Florida beaches and I find them more relaxing. While walking the beaches looking for that perfect shot I found this Pavilion with its wonderful Adirondack chairs that was deserted at Sunset and it was so inviting that I spent some time photographing this location as the light changes. This is a location I will return too and spend time photographing under different lighting conditions.

Everyone's waiting

Everyone’s waiting

I captured this image on my Canon 5d mark 2 my Tokina 12-24 wide-angle lens was set at 21mm which gave me the coverage of the area that I wanted and also gave me the infinite depth of field allowing for both the foreground and the background to remain in focus. The shutter speed was set for 1/25th of a second and the ISO was set for 200.

EEveryones Waiting raw CR2 file

Everyones Waiting raw CR2 file

The Exposure was perfect and the only post processing I did on this image was to run it through Nik software’s Film Effects in Color Efex Pro.

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Sunset – Grayton Beach State Park, Florida

Sunset at Grayton Beach State-Park, unprocessed

Sunset at Grayton Beach State-Park, unprocessed

Last night I stopped by Grayton State park one of my favorite parks in the Panhandle of Florida to capture a sunset image and enjoy the park for a day before setting up for a small show in Gulf Breeze for the weekend.

The unprocessed image looked nice but I decided to enhance the images using the Film Effects and Pro Contrast filters in Nik software’s Color Effects Pro

Sunset at Grayton Beach State Park, processed

Sunset at Grayton Beach State Park, processed

I set my f stop for F 22 with the lens set at 24mm which is a wide angle setting. By focusing 1/3 into the image I am capturing I will have everything in the image in perfect focus. The term for this is “Hyper Focal”. My ISO was set at 100 which gave me the longest shutter speed of 1.3seconds that available light would allow without using a neutral density filter. I wanted to have a little motion in the water without smoothing out the water with a longer exposure.

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Harvest Time in Tuscany – Tuscan Tractors in the Mist


These tractor images were captured by Connie while we were out shooting in Chianti Tuscany last year on one of the early morning shoots. Each morning the group goes out to  photograph sunrise in the vineyards and on this morning we were fortunate to capture this tractor in the early morning mist working its way through the Vineyard.  

Tuscan Tractors in the Mist

Tuscan Tractors in the Mist – 1

I used Film Effects in  Nik Software Color Efex Pro to process these two tractor images.

Tuscan Tractors in the Mist - 2

Tuscan Tractors in the Mist – 2

The best part of spending a week on location capturing images is that it gives you time to become immersed in the local culture while enjoying  the small Villages and Vineyards that most tourist miss because of their rush to try to see it all.

The interaction of Aperture/F-Stop, shutter speed and ISO/ASA when Capturing your Images

1st Aperture/F-Stop, 2nd shutter speed and 3rd ISO/ASA

These 3 settings depend on one another and their interaction with light. A photograph is created by a chemical process where light is exposed to film, or a sensor in digital cameras. I always shoot on manual mode which gives me complete control on how I want to capture each image. I usually start my clients on Aperture Priority.



F/2.8 is wide open and allows the greatest amount of light to hit the Film or Sensor for your shortest possible exposure in a low light situation. F/2.8 will also give you the shallowest depth of field. When you have a shallow depth of field your main subject matter can stay in focus but your background will become a soft blur.

F/22 is stopped down and allows the least amount of light to hit the Film or Sensor. F/22 if used correctly will give you an infinite depth of field. Stopping down all the way requires a longer exposure which can cause motion blur

When you stop down two stops from F/2.8 to F/5.6   1/4th the amount of light will hit the Film or Sensor if your shutter speed and ISO/ASA remains the same.

You can either decrease your shutter speed by 400%
Or increase your ISO/ASA by 400%

F/2.8 at 1/120 sec with an ISO/ASA 100
F/5.6 at   1/30 sec with an ISO/ASA 100
F/5.6 at 1/120 sec with an ISO/ASA 400

If your exposure is too long you have a chance of motion blur
If your ISO/ASA is too high you will create noise

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