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Revisiting a location – Plantation Cabins – Charleston

Revisit locations where you are interested in capturing images. Not only does the lighting and foliage change the subject but with a little work over a period of time your perspective of the images you choose to capture will also change. 

Over the years I have past by these old cabins and have tried many times to capture them and every time I have not been happy with the images. My exposure and depth of field have always been correct but there was always something missing.

Plantation Cabins - Charleston

Plantation Cabins – Charleston

On this wet overcast morning  I had focused on a fallen Live Oak tree with wonderful roots and vines weaved around it. After I had finished with the fallen Live Oak I was heading back to my car to head out for a late breakfast when looked through the water and trees and saw these old cabins as I had always wanted to see them. It felt like I was looking at a composition from a different time and breakfast could wait a while longer.

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Fallen Live Oak – Charleston Photo Workshop

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