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Northern Michigan’s Poplars processed with Lightroom and Topaz Clarity

Most photographers, I find are young at heart but need a little coaxing. I would like to think that I would go out and lay on the ground looking up at the sky through the trees on a beautiful fall day, but it only seems to happen when I am out capturing images. On nice days at home, when I am not preparing for an art fair, I am out mowing the lawn and gardening a little which is probably true for most of us. Luckily I am out shooting more than ever and the garden is a little more natural.

To capture this image, my camera mounted on the tripod, lying flat on my back, I composed the image of the treetops and the sky. Nature in all its glory! The raw image was nice and just needed to brighten the shadows and darkened the highlights in Lightroom. Then I used Topaz Clarity to enhance the color while popping the highlights and shadows.

Northern Michigan's Poplars processed with Lightroom and Topaz Clarity

Northern Michigan’s Poplars processed with Lightroom and Topaz Clarity

This unprocessed image would work but has less detail. Topaz Clarity brought out the details in the leaves and clouds.

Northern Michigan's Poplars unprocessed

Northern Michigan’s Poplars unprocessed

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