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Mono Lake, California

Mono Lake is off US 395, the main north-south route in California, just east of the Sierra Nevada range. Much of its length has phenomenal views of the snow covered mountains nearby.

4 Image Pano Mono Lake

4 Image Pano Mono Lake

I spent some time photographing the Tufa around Mono Lake, but my favorite shot from the area is this Panoramic that I shot from high above the lake.

While photographing there last fall, I stayed in the small town of Lee Vining. Located on the west shore of Mono Lake, it is close to the Tioga Road which leads into Yosemite National Park. Mono Lake is a large, shallow, alkaline lake which is impressive enough from a distance, but close up has the added interest of unusual Tufa pinnacles. These calcium carbonate spires have been deposited over thousands of years around underwater springs, and are now exposed because the lake level has fallen in recent times.

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