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2017 is going to be a  great year of teaching and art fairs! Hope everyone gets out and enjoys the arts!!

Charleston, S Carolina – Photographic Workshop Tour                 

April 2 – 6 2017 $695.00, Limited to 8 Students

Charleston's Gas Lights

Charleston’s Gas Lights

Botany Bay – Boneyard Photographic Workshop Tour

April 6-7, 2017 $175/ Limited to 8 Students

Botany Bay's Skeleton trees processed with Topaz Labs Star Effects

Botany Bay’s Skeleton trees processed with Topaz Labs Star Effects

Smoky Mountains –  Photographic Workshop Tour                           

April 23-26 2017 $495.00, Limited to 8 Students

Spring Dogwoods at rustic cabin Smoky Mountains

Spring Dogwoods at rustic cabin Smoky Mountains

Amalfi Coast – Photographic Workshop Tour

June 25 – June 30 2017 $1150.00/ Limited to 8 Students

Provence Photographic – Workshop Tour

July 2 – 6 2017 $1,150.00/ Limited to 8 Students

Sunflowers in Provence

Sunflowers in Provence

Lake Michigan Lighthouse – Photographic Workshop Tour

Aug 13-16 2017 $345.00/ Limited to 8 Students

Big Sable Lighthouse - Ludington

Big Sable Lighthouse – Ludington

Zion National Park and Painted Desert – Photographic Workshop

Nov. 5-9 2017 $695 Limited to 8 Students

Cottonwoods along the Virgin River

Cottonwoods along the Virgin River

Southwest Slot Canyon – Photographic Workshop Tour

Nov. 9-11 2017 $350 Limited to 5 Students

Tumble Weed - Antelope Canyon - Camera raw

Tumble Weed – Antelope Canyon – Camera raw

I Hope you rang in the New Year with peace and joy in your heart!!

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Dragons Breath Nov 5 2016

In November I am looking fwd to taking a day to capture images of some of the Southwest most unusual formations. Photographers are today’s explorers looking for the unusual sights to capture with their cameras.

Dragons Breath

Dragons Breath

What lies at the edge of the known world? During medieval times, distant and unexplored lands on the edges of maps were marked by drawings of dragons, sea serpents, and other ominous looking fictional animals.  The notation of dangerous beasts and mythical sea creatures invoked the harm that sailors feared to encounter when entering previously uncharted waters.

Zion National Park Dark Skies /South West Photographic Workshop Tour
Nov 6 -10 2016

Tuscan Photographic Workshop Tour June 18 – June 23 2016

Florence is a terrific place to start an Italian adventure. It was built by the Romans and transformed by the Renaissance into one on the great art capitals of the world. There are still a couple of places left on the Tuscan workshop.

Duomo Florence

Duomo Florence

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

Our first stop in Tuscany will be San Gimignano, a small walled village an hour north and Siena, it is famous for its medieval architecture and towers that rise above of all the surrounding buildings offering an impressive view of the city from the surrounding valley.

After our morning shoot in San Gimignano, we will be heading to Siena to explore this wonderful medieval village where Leonardo da Vinci enjoyed spending time.

After Siena we will be staying in the Val d’Orcia which is the wheat belt of Tuscany. The Val d’Orcia is an hour south of Siena with the Bagno Vignoni on its west side and the ancient Roman village of Pienza on its east. In the Heart of the Tuscan region we’ll be capturing images, with time set aside to soak in the hot mineral waters of the Bagno, a little wine tasting, and a cooking class for anyone who is interested. We will spend some time processing images using Photoshop’s Lightroom and Topaz and Nik Software plug-ins to help improve your processing skills.

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Here Be Dragons – Southwest Photo Workshop

In the mid 70’s I was a navigator for the Navy and we still had an old chart that actually had “Here Be Dragons” labeled on it. Even though it was more for fun that someone had left an old chart in the chart drawer, it still sparked the fantasy that there may still be a sleeping dragon somewhere in the world.

Sleeping Dragon - Southwest workshop

Sleeping Dragon – Southwest workshop

When I finally found a sleeping dragon, it reaffirmed that there is still magic in the world. In November I will be revisiting him during the Southwest workshop to see what his fire will do to the sky at sunset.

This is a two shot HDR Panoramic processed in Lightroom. After merging the images I popped the contrast and color using Topaz Clarity.

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Devil’s Fire – Southwest workshop

Getting in and out of the Devil’s Fire was quite an experience. You have to travel on 30 miles of bad road before going off-road for another 20. There were a couple of spots when, although I did not say it, I was thinking “Oh Shit this could be a long walk back!”. My friend W. Steve Johnson and I made it in and out twice and we captured some spectacular images. I look forward to sharing this unique place with clients on our upcoming southwest trips.

Beggars Banquet - Nevada

Beggars Banquet – Nevada

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Sierra Nevadas – March 13 – March 17, 2016

Photography has become a way of life for me that has always been changing. In the early days, it was usually just me, on a hillside, waiting for the light to change and learning how to take a moment and breath it all in. Now it is more about sharing the hillsides and what I have learned with a few others. Last night was a fun evening; I gave a presentation for the Mid Michigan Photo Club in East Lansing on Lightroom workflow and some luminosity masking. It was a nice change from my solo days on hilltops and in the darkroom.

Sierra's north of Bishop

Sierra’s north of Bishop

I had bracketed this image to create an HDR +2, 0, -2 but only used the 0 exposure with a curves mask on Lights 3 channel I had created to bring down the highlights.

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Southwest Photographic Workshop Tour
March 13 – March 17, 2016
$695/ Limited to 8 Students

Has anyone seen Randy?

During the workshops I want everyone to capture great images, have fun, and be safe. When we are on location I have photographers at every skill level join me, and I make sure to line up great locations that you do not have to be a mountain goat too get to. Some of the clients are in top physical shape and extremely adventurous, and I do not want to tell any of them that they can’t venture off from the group and explore the wonderful locations. Some like to go a little further then others. When they do this, I just tell them that they have broken off from the group for a little while and when they come down the can rejoin us.

Has anyone seen Randy?

Has anyone seen Randy?

Milky Way over Mobius Arch

Before the November Southwest Workshop, I spent four days with my friend Craig Osterloh, photographing beautiful landscapes between Lone Pine and Lee Vining, California. Near Lone Pine are the Alabama Hills, where Mobius Arch perfectly frames Mount Whitney in its window. On one of our evening shoots, we were able to capture the Milky Way while a crescent moon lit Mobius Arch and Mount Whitney. I am looking forward to spending more time photographing and teaching in this area over the next couple of years.

Mobius Arch-Milky Way

Mobius Arch-Milky Way

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Southwest Workshop – New Moon

When I have been out west shooting in the past, I have always focused on the first light and the last light of the day. For me, the magic has always happened at sunrise and sunsets. This November’s workshop will be a little different, I am going to be out shooting in Dark Sky areas during a new moon. This means that the skies will be darker and the stars will be brighter and I can pick shooting times when the Milky Way will be visible in the sky without any natural or manmade light pollution. Shooting in a dark sky area with a new moon will be a treat for this seasoned photographer.

I captured this image in Death Valley while camping with my friend Craig Osterloh.

Sands of Time- Death Valley

Orion the Hunter – Death Valley

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Southwest Jack O’ Lantern-Valley of Fire

The Southwest workshop is only a few weeks away and I have been going over images getting ready for the shoot. On this fall day I hope everyone is out enjoying corn fields turned into mazes and spending time in the apple orchards.  One of my favorite fall activities has been to find the perfect pumkin to carve my Jack O’ Lantern and with Halloween just around the corner this image popped out at me.

Southwest Jack O' Lantern-Valley of Fire

Southwest Jack O’ Lantern-Valley of Fire

The Southwest doesn’t have corn fields and apple orchards but it does have some of the best Jack O’ Lanterns formed by a millennium of wind and rain.

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