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The Watchman in Zion National Park

The Watchman is one of the great locations to shoot in Zion National Park. On the brisk fall morning that I captured this image the wind was whipping through the prairie grasses and creating a nice motion blur in the foreground and the rising sun was setting the sky on fire. Shooting manually at F/11 there were a variety of time exposures and ISO combinations that I tried and this exposure at 1/15th of a second at ISO 1600 is the one I liked the most.  There is nice motion in the foreground without losing all of the detail.

Watchman - Zion National Park

Watchman – Zion National Park

After a little exposure and highlight adjustments in Camera Raw I processed this image using Topaz Clarity, then Tonal Contrast in Nik Software. At this point the image looked great but the sky looked a little grainy so I selected the sky and used Topaz DeNoise to remove the grain.

Watchman - Zion National Park - Raw Image

Watchman – Zion National Park – Raw Image


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A Venice Valentine’s Day

There are some images that I capture that just say romance and on Valentine’s day want to share one on my favorite romantic images.

Table for Two Venice-Venice Italy

Table for Two Venice-Venice Italy

What could be more romantic that sharing a gondola ride with the one you love and then having a romantic dinner on a Venice Canal. Hope everyone has a little romance in their life.

I have started planning a 2015 spring workshop in Venice, Italy April 24-28

The Flower Box of Battery Park, Charleston

The Stately antebellum homes in the Battery Park area provide some of my favorite subject matter to capture images in Charleston. Walking down the streets where our founding fathers lived and worked brings me a since of continuity with our nations past. When I am capturing images of these homes some of them Grand and some simple it takes me back to a time when England still ruled and the Declaration of Independence had not been written yet. 

Flower Box - Battery Park, Charleston

Flower Box – Battery Park, Charleston

The owners of these historic homes preserve them and help keep some of our early history intact. When I walk through and photograph these homes in the Battery with clients we are walking through and photographing some of the earliest history of our Nation. This simple window box has always been one of my favorite and I look forward to seeing how the owners will decorate it this spring

I made a few minor adjusted  in Photoshop before using Topaz Clarity to process this image which made this image pop.

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Where Do You Want To Photograph In 2014

This New Years day I sat down to work on past images  from the Smoky Mountains. With the Smoky Mountain Workshop only  a few months away it was enjoyable looking over images of mountain streams rushing with spring runoff, delicate blooms of the dogwoods and the soft greens of the young leaves on this cold winter day. 

Smoky Mountain spring runoff and dogwoods

Smoky Mountain spring runoff and dogwoods

On New Year’s Eve I ordered the Epson 9890 on New Year’s  Eve. It will be great having the new Epson for  my printing workflow for the art fairs and if everything goes smoothly with delivery and set up I will be printing with my new 9890 by this weekend.

The start of each new year brings a feeling of exhilaration and enthusiasm for the places that I will be visiting, the images that I will capture and everything that this year will hold for me.  I look forward to another full year of displaying my images at Art Fairs, teaching location workshops while spending time with old and new friends.

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Sunrise Venice Lagoon

It is hard to believe that another year is behind us and the holidays are hear. I am home from teaching my last workshop and have spent time working on some of the wonderful images that I have captured this year. I am very fortunate and have been to Venice for many shoots  over the years and every time my eye see something new to photograph and sometimes improve on a composition that I have captured many time before. Sometimes it is new skills and sometimes it is a gift of the light early morning light.

Sunset Venice Lagoon

Sunrise Venice Lagoon

This weekend I am heading to Columbus Ohio to participate in Winterfair my last show of the year and then settle in for a couple of months in front of the computer with new and old images  and a nice hot pot of tea before I head to south for the winter show. I will be in booth # 1047 this weekend.

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Images from Venice and Lucca Italy from the October Photographic Workshops

It has been a great year out teaching photographic workshops and displaying my work at Art Fairs and I finally have time to work on new images with Photoshop and the Topaz Labs software programs.

Simplify 4 Painting - Oil Painting II

Simplify 4 Painting – Oil Painting II

Simplify 4 Painting Oil Painting II

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Simplify 4 Painting OP Black and White

Simplify 4 Painting OP Black and White

Simplify 4 Painting OP Black and White

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A Great Image of Seagulls in flight

Sometimes it is knowing where to capture an image and sometimes an image is serendipitous and sometimes it is a combination of both. I have spent time at the beaches in Florida between art fairs and have been wanting to capture an image of a flock of seagulls on the beach but have not been able to capture the image that I have envisioned. Recently Steve  Johnson fellow photographer from Louisville who has taken one of my workshops  sent me the image of the Seagulls that I have been wanting to capture. Steve I have two questions 1st where did you capture this great image and 2nd what were your camera setting for this image?

Seagulls in Flight - W. Steve Johnson

Seagulls in Flight – W. Steve Johnson

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