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Casting Shadows – Venice Carnival

Carnival in Venice starts today and as a photographer I can’t stop thinking that I should be there to capture and share the wonderful images of the costumed characters.

Cast Your Shadow - Venice Carnival

Cast Your Shadow – Venice Carnival

The soft  light at sunrise for this image was wonderful and the shadows of the costumed character along with the shadows of the columns and archway make this one of my favorite images from Carnival.

The image out of the camera was great but I did used Topaz Clarity to boost the color and contrast in this image.

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When the Music Stops – The Florian Venice, Italy

Venice a Photographic Treasure

When the Music Stops – Venice, Italy
When the Music Stops – Venice, Italy


Venice which is one of my favorite places to photograph was our first stop for the Italian October Photographic workshops. Venice’s elegant decline holds stunning photographic treasure waiting to be discovered.  Walking down every walkway one has only to look around every corner to find wonderful courtyards with storefronts and elegant old palaces each having its own story waiting to be photographed.

Since its beginning Venice has literally risen from the sea. Situated in a strategic position on the Adriatic Sea, Venice is comprised of 117 small islands floating in the Venice Lagoon. With easy access to the major sea lanes of what  was then the civilized world during the period from the 11th century till the 17th century, it grew to become the commercial powerhouse of the Mediterranean.  

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