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Antelope Slot Canyon – Southwest Photo Workshop

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with JBrad Lewis on a few of the images he captured during my Novembers Southwest workshop. We used Adobe Lightroom developed module to process his image. Lightroom has a fantastic develop module and its cataloging system to organize my workflow is amazing and over the last year it has become my starting point for working on images. Lightroom’s lets you work with a thumbnail of your images instead of the full image storing metadata of the changes and making my workflow lighting fast. When I work with my images in CS6 program the larger files slow me down. Not having to wait for files to open saves me time to go out and do a little more shooting.

Antelope Canyon - Southwest Workshop

Antelope Canyon – Southwest Workshop

The unprocessed image looks good out of the camera but a few Lightroom adjustments makes it a award winning image.

Antelope Canyon Raw unprocessed image

Antelope Canyon Raw unprocessed image

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Afterglow at the Florian, San Marco Piazza, Venice

Christmas is wonderful but it can be a little sad after all the festivities are over so I hope you can join me at the Caffè Florian in Saint Marks Square in Venice for the afterglow party in April.

Afterglow at the Florian
Afterglow at the Florian

After processing this image in Lightroom 5.7 I brought the image into Topaz Adjust 5 to brighten the image and make it a little more festive.

Byrons Caffe Florian - Before

Byrons Caffe Florian – Before

If you have the proper exposure you can make an image sing!!

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A Venice Valentine’s Day

There are some images that I capture that just say romance and on Valentine’s day want to share one on my favorite romantic images.

Table for Two Venice-Venice Italy

Table for Two Venice-Venice Italy

What could be more romantic that sharing a gondola ride with the one you love and then having a romantic dinner on a Venice Canal. Hope everyone has a little romance in their life.

I have started planning a 2015 spring workshop in Venice, Italy April 24-28

When the Music Stops – The Florian Venice, Italy

Venice a Photographic Treasure

When the Music Stops – Venice, Italy
When the Music Stops – Venice, Italy


Venice which is one of my favorite places to photograph was our first stop for the Italian October Photographic workshops. Venice’s elegant decline holds stunning photographic treasure waiting to be discovered.  Walking down every walkway one has only to look around every corner to find wonderful courtyards with storefronts and elegant old palaces each having its own story waiting to be photographed.

Since its beginning Venice has literally risen from the sea. Situated in a strategic position on the Adriatic Sea, Venice is comprised of 117 small islands floating in the Venice Lagoon. With easy access to the major sea lanes of what  was then the civilized world during the period from the 11th century till the 17th century, it grew to become the commercial powerhouse of the Mediterranean.  

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