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Charleston Spring Photographic Workshop

I am in Charleston getting ready to give a workshop and the last three days have been a nice combination of scouting and capturing some wonderful images. There has been a nice mix of sun and clouds that has extended my shooting time.

Wisteria Daydream  - Charleston

Wisteria Daydream - Charleston

While processing images and havening lunch at Panera Bread the battery went on my mouse. I went digging in my backpack knowing I didn’t have any batteries with me but I found 4 AA batteries a client from theVeniceworkshop had given me to replace the ones he had borrowed. When he gave me those 4AA’s I though that I would never need them because I had 100 of them and the drawer at home. Well I am not at home and appreciate that I had them to finish working on the images. Sometime it is the little things that people do that makes our lives easier.

Live Oaks of Charleston

Live Oaks of Charleston

Enjoy the Journey


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