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Selective coloring black and whites with Lightroom 4.4

The brush tool in Lightroom 4.4 can be used to create a wonderful selective black and white images. When working with this image I ask myself what would make this image more interesting, what could give it more character! With this image I decided that if I created a black and white and then painting the colorful tablecloths back into the image would make this image stand out.

Venice cafe - Lightroom 4.4

Venice café – Lightroom 4.4

I first took used the brush tool in Lightroom 4.4 to desaturate this image and then using the same brush tool I selectively colored the tablecloths. After I painted the tablecloths back into the image I took the image into Tonal Contrast in Nik software to bring out the details in this selectively colored black and white. To finish the image I used the vignette tool in Lightroom.


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