Workshop Testimonials

After every workshop I get a lot of great feedback from the people who’ve attended. I thought I’d share some of their remarks with you here.

Paul, I enjoyed your presentation on Wednesday to the MMPC group. I would be interested in receiving a copy of your book containing the photos of Charleston but I forgot to enter my email address on your sheet. I have particular interest since my son is in the Air Force and will be transferred to Charleston in July. I certainly would enjoy viewing the photos and then looking at the locations in person.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with our group.

“Paul, thanks for the wrap-up email and all the instruction during our workshop. Diane & I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves throughout the entire workshop. Wednesday we got to take some pictures in Coral Sand Dune State Park and drove through Fredonia, AZ picked up the last two coffee mugs from Prairie Dog Pottery (same as those at Oscar’s without the name on them) at the source. Delightful visit with the owners there and got an education on their town and their work. Thanks again for your guidance and instruction.”

Brad – Zion ’14

“Paul, thanks so much for an unforgettable week. So many good sights – sounds and advice. It taught me a great deal including how much I need to learn, and it certainly was a very good lesson in humility. ”
Don – Zion ’14

“Paul, Thanks again for all of the driving you did on our trip. Having all of us travel together definitely added to the enjoyment of the trip. I feel that I also learned a lot about photography techniques just by listening in on your conversations with others.”

Gwyn – Zion ’14

“Hi Paul, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop. I learned so much on this workshop that I am looking forward to going out with you to Las Vegas next year. I was really touched by the way you welcomed me and Gina into your group even though I was the only shooter you did not leave out the non shooters. It was a pleasure to meet you and learn from you. You are a very gifted photographer and teacher. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and friendship. Great Workshop!”

Jonathan – Charleston ’14

“Bob and I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your Smoky Mountain Workshop. This was our third workshop with you and once again we each came away with more “aha” moments of how to see a composition and capture it.

You teach with humility and no arrogance and you are just good with people. These qualities mean a lot to me as a student. Thank you for not only teaching Bob and me so many new things in each workshop and for creating an environment for having fun while we learn.”

Linda & Bob- Smoky Mountains ’14 Charleston ’13 Italy ’12

“I just wanted to say that the expertise you shared during the workshop was invaluable. I couldn’t begin to quantify the amount knowledge I came away with. Looking forward to attending another workshop with you.”

Elizabeth – Charleston ’14

“Thanks again for another wonderful learning week! “</p>

Charlie & Janice- Charleston ’14 Tuscany ’13

“Thanks Paul, In spite of my old knees, I really enjoyed the trip. You are a great teacher and have helped me a lot. Steve and Grazia made the trip to Rome an enjoyable and interesting experience. Want to go back.”

Paul – Venice ’13
“I have never forgotten how much I enjoyed your Italy excursion. It was so awesome! Learned the most of any workshop I’ve been on so far!(Sold many canvases as a result..)Yet.. I feel like I’ve lost the invaluable skills and knowledge I learned on that trip – and would love to think about another.”

Lisa – Venice, Pisa and Cinque Terre ’13

“Paul, I am so happy with the workshop and again wanted to thank you for all the ideas, tips, guidance, and patience. I think your style is superb and I hope to stay connected to your work and perhaps help set up or take down one of these days. I have downloaded all the images, installed Nik software on my laptop and pc, and am ready to work on enhancing them. One nice thing about being away for the week is that I realized that if I am going to be any good at this, I had better get out and shoot. Best to you”

Bob – Smoky Mountains ’12

“Paul set up a “private” workshop for my teenage daughter and her friends in the Smokey Mountains. We all had a great time, capturing images during the early morning hours and evenings, and rafting and tubing during the afternoons. Paul was wonderful in setting up a variety of shooting opportunities, and the girls learned about cameras, composition, and lighting. The best part of the workshop was that the teenagers woke up before dawn and enjoyed themselves doing it! Thanks Again!

Deb- Smoky Mountains ’12

“I want to thank you for all your help and advice on how to BEGIN to take professional photos. I will never look at a cloudy day again in the same way. I learned so much about shooting and the digital SLR – plus I had a great time. So it was work and fun at the same time. What a great combo. We had such a nice group of people that made the trip special.”
Bob – Charleston Workshop ’11

“Just a quick note to let you tell you again how much I enjoyed the trip. Had a great time and learned a lot.”

Sharon – Charleston Workshop ’11

“My journey to Charleston is one amazing memory thanks to you and all of your photographic skills and equipment.”

Mary Lynn – Charleston Workshop ’11

“Paul,It was a great learning experience for me to be with you on the workshop in Tuscany. You did a fantastic job of lining up picturesque places to capture great images at sunrise and sunset, as well as teaching techniques that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.The others in the class were also fun to be around and provided fond memories. Thanks again.”

Paul – Italy Workshop ’11

“Paul, what a mind opening experience! It was a vacation for my mind — all new things people, places. Pat had I both had a great time. You are the BEST travel guide & photo teacher! I learned alot.”

Judy – Italy Workshop ’11

“Italy was my second workshop with Paul and just as enjoyable and informative as the first. Tuscany was filled with great images just waiting to be captured. I came home with a nice variety of shots – landscapes, local towns, objects, even an Italian cat (which closely resembles my American one). If you have only one chance to go on a photography workshop, go with Paul.”
<p class=”quote-from”>Sharon – Tuscan Workshop ’11

“[We have] a picture from high on a hilltop of Vernazza, the village in Cinque Terre where we stayed for 4 days. We would go out every morning before dawn to &quot;catch the light&quot; and then climb the same mountainside to &quot;catch the sunset&quot; I walked the mountain goat like trail between vernazza and Corniglia and have the pictures to prove it!”

Carol – Italy Workshop ’10

“It was a wonderful workshop. We loved the locations, the instruction, and especially enjoyed all the people.”

Craig – Italy Workshop ’10

Helen and I enjoyed the trip to Italy very much. We thank you and Jane for the wonderful experience we had while in Italy. We will highly recommend your Italian Photographic Workshops to everyone who wants to learn how to photograph and learn more about photography. Your photographic workshops were great. I can not thank you enough for all the help you and Jane provided.”

Clyde – Italy Workshop ’10

“What a wonderful trip! We really enjoyed the workshop! It was a great learning experience and so much fun with the people you had in the class. I know I learned a lot of new things from camera techniques to composition ideas, and got a bunch of great photos to work with… [my wife] felt you really got her back into photography and helped her learn a lot of things too. It was a perfect sized workshop group so that you were able to work with each of us on each shoot. We’ll keep an eye on your web site to see what workshops you have planned in the future. Again Paul, thank you for a wonderful photography and learning experience in a beautiful part of the world!!!”

Bob – Italy Workshop ’10

“Hi Paul, I just wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop in Cinque Terre. I am so glad for the experience and appreciate your patience with me at my beginner’s level with digital photography. I came away eager to learn more and Bob and I practiced everyday after your class when we went on to Lucca, Pisa, and Siena. You taught such a good foundation of the important basics for creating good photographs. Catching the morning and evening light is so important as I now realize more than anything. And how you taught to compose the photo as to the amount of sky versus land or water and whether or not to include foreground trees, twigs or bushes.”

Linda – Italy Workshop ’10

“I realize I am only at a beginner’s level at all of this, but I can see myself improving a little bit with every time I go out, thanks for your practice. All in all, your workshop was a fantastic experience. You are a very good instructor and you are also a very kind, considerate, patient, tolerant and understanding person. Thanks so much for a wonderful class. I learned so much and most of all am so inspired to continue learning photography.”</p>

Linda – Italy  ’10

“Not only was it my first time visiting the Smoky Mountains, I also was relatively new to photography when I signed up. Paul taught me how to properly compose a scene, and achieve correct exposures when the light was tricky. They know the Smokey Mountains well, and took us too many photogenic spots.”

Robert – Smoky Mountains Workshop ’09

“In the past I have been to the Smoky Mountains, but was never satisfied with most of my photographs. Paul was very helpful and know how to teach photography, because this time I captured some really good images (better than any of my previous pictures in 5 years of photography).”

Karen – Smoky Mountains Workshop ’09

“Paul conducted a well-organized Smoky Mountains workshop. They know the place well, and had each day’s itinerary planned. They were eager to offer tips when I needed it, but they also let me do my own thing.”

Steve – Smoky Mountains Workshop ’08

“Great Trip! I really felt like even though I knew very little about my camera or how it worked Paul took the time to show me what to do, and I ended up taking some amazing photos. You really helped me understand what it means to look through a lens and “see art”. You patients and guidance really made for a once in a lifetime opportunity. I can’t wait to go again!”
Rachel – Grand Canyon Workshop ’08


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